Nude Food

‘During a dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench that purportedly reached 35,849 feet, Dallas businessman Victor Vescovo claims to have found a plastic bag. And it’s not even the first time: It’s the third time plastic has been documented in the deepest explored part of the ocean.’ 15/5/19

Whilst this may seem overwhelming we can do our bit to help solve this worldwide problem.

So what small thing can we do to help save our planet? Here is a suggestion!

‘Nude Food’ is a popular term in schools and preschools.  But what exactly is ‘Nude Food’?

Simply put, it’s food without excess packaging. Usually, this means food that is not processed, often making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option.

Nude Food includes a wide array of options, as long as there is no extra packaging.  This could include:

  • A sandwich in a reusable container
  • A sectioned lunch box with snacks in compartments
  • Yoghurt in a reusable container
  • Muesli bars and snack in reusable containers and wraps
  • Berries in a reusable container

Why Nude Food?

Each year in SA, families of primary school aged children spend more than $3.5 million on individually packaged items, collectively throwing away over 1.5 million yoghurt suckers, 3 million small tubs and 11 million zip-lock bags—that’s enough zip-lock bags laid flat to reach from Adelaide to Ceduna and back!

School Interviews

Parent-student-teacher interviews will be commencing in week 9 this term. To make a booking with your child’s teacher, please follow the instructions below…

  1. Go to
  2. Click  
  3. enter the code: xysty

We look forward to meeting with you in week 9.

Long Jump Pit

We are proud to announce that Reynella Primary School now has a long jump pit!

Students have already started refining their long jump technique in PE this week in the lead up to our sports day on Friday 15th March. A massive thank you to Mr. Ingham and Tim Cowin from Coates Hire for the massive effort to bring this project to life.

Year 7 Jumpers – 2nd Order

If you didn’t get around to ordering your Year 7 student a Commemorative Jumper, you now have another opportunity.

The jumpers are $60.00 each and the online shop will close at midnight on Sunday 3 February 2019.

You need to order directly from our suppliers at JS Sports via the following link.

Reynella PS – 2019 Boss Tops


Year 7 Jumpers

Our year 6 students have been busy deliberating on the design of our 2019 year 7 jumpers.

Year 7 jumpers can now be ordered directly from our suppliers at JS Sports via the following link…

Reynella PS – 2019 Boss Tops

The jumpers are $60.00 each and the online shop will close on 6th January 2019.

A fitting kit can be found in Billabong – teachers have been helping students all this week to determine the appropriate size for their order. Additional sizing information will be sent home with students on Friday.

Dazzling Design Thinkers

Congratulations to Mr Parson’s and Miss Sheppard’s classes for their amazing effort throughout the Makers Empire Design Thinking Project in term two. Both classes demonstrated the rewards of deep thinking and persistence as they made use of our 3D modelling and printing technologies to design some truly innovative solutions.

A selection of students from each class did a tremendous job showcasing their journey alongside 45 other schools at the Makers Empire exhibition day.

Not only did they represent their school proudly at the event but their critical and creative thinking was recognised by the judges! Collecting 2nd prize, they were awarded with another 3D printer for Reynella Primary school.

Click the link below to watch how these creative thinkers helped Mikal and Fish with their innovative 3D design.

Well done to everyone involved!

Nude Food

Nude food is all sort of food without wrappers. It is a good way to keep our area clean.

Firstly litter is very bad for the school. If we were all in  loads of rubbish no one would come to the school and we would run out of business.

Secondly litter can effect your health.  When you open plastic bags  micro pieces of plastic  can fall on your  food .

Furthermore litter is extremely bad for the environment because some scientist found a bird and wanted to find out why it died. They opened the bird and found lots of plastic in it.

I strongly believe that nude food is the best idea in the WORLD and everyone should do it to keep our community clean and healthy.

By Beth (Citizenship Action Team) and Mia (Communication Action Team) on behalf of the Environmental Action Team.

Class Observation in Mrs. Turner’s class

On the 20th of March, two special guests arrived at our school. Mrs Hatzi and Mrs Hardy came to look at Mrs Turner’s year 3/4 class. Jaimee and Sam were invited to share the observation and speak with them.

Mrs. Hatzi (Education Director) and Mrs. Hardy’s (Principal Consultant) job is to go around from school to school and look at the learning of the teachers and students. As Jaimee took notes, she noticed that the learning has changed since she was in Mrs. Turner’s class four years ago.

There was a new cup system, which the students could change the colour of their cup to how they were feeling about the given task. Each 10-20 minutes, the teacher would hold a cup check, where the students went around to look at other’s cups to see how they’re handling the problem and see who needed support and whose brain needed stretching.

The students looked at a picture to inspire some math’s questions that they had to then solve. They had to identify each shape and count them. Mrs. Hatzi thought that the task was well organized and engaged the learning for all levels of learners.

One of the students, Bailey; found the task easy but hard at the same time. He taught Sam and Jaimee about how they learn and how to use the cups.

Sam and Jaimee, Communication Action Team



The past few weeks you might have noticed a van on top of the oval. That is because classes have being attending Life Ed. If you’re wondering what Life Ed is we’re going to tell you. Life Ed is an opportunity to learn about respect, personal health
and hygiene etc.

Life Education

Different classes did different lessons. We learnt about respect, friendship and cyber safety by watching some videos. One was called a vlog with Bethany; which taught us about how she interacts with her friends and her personal life. We played a few games like good or bad ; If you think the quote is good, you go to the thumbs up side and if you think it’s bad, you go to the side with the thumbs down. We interviewed three students to find out what they thought about the Life Ed visit.

A F5 student said: “I enjoyed the UV lights and the giraffe Harold because they were fun and it was great to experience.”

A F8 student said: “I thought it was very cool it was fun because the staff were nice and friendly. It was good to learn in the end.”

A F7 student said: “I thought it was good because it was fun and you could work in groups and collaborate with others.”

Thank you Life Ed  workers for coming to our school. We really appreciated the learning that you shared with us.

Alexis and Laylah, Communication Action Team

Image result for life ed images of healthy harrold


Every Thursday for the rest term, the primary students will have Footsteps dance classes.These footsteps lessons are a fun way to keep fit and enjoy music at the same time. At Reynella Primary School most people enjoy dancing and some prefer the music more, but in the end, everyone enjoys it all.


Braxton from Reception says: “We do lots of cool stuff.”

Molly from Reception says: “I like Footsteps because we do the dinosaur stomp.”

by Mia and Nicole,

Communication Action Team

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