Class Observation in Mrs. Turner’s class

On the 20th of March, two special guests arrived at our school. Mrs Hatzi and Mrs Hardy came to look at Mrs Turner’s year 3/4 class. Jaimee and Sam were invited to share the observation and speak with them.

Mrs. Hatzi (Education Director) and Mrs. Hardy’s (Principal Consultant) job is to go around from school to school and look at the learning of the teachers and students. As Jaimee took notes, she noticed that the learning has changed since she was in Mrs. Turner’s class four years ago.

There was a new cup system, which the students could change the colour of their cup to how they were feeling about the given task. Each 10-20 minutes, the teacher would hold a cup check, where the students went around to look at other’s cups to see how they’re handling the problem and see who needed support and whose brain needed stretching.

The students looked at a picture to inspire some math’s questions that they had to then solve. They had to identify each shape and count them. Mrs. Hatzi thought that the task was well organized and engaged the learning for all levels of learners.

One of the students, Bailey; found the task easy but hard at the same time. He taught Sam and Jaimee about how they learn and how to use the cups.

Sam and Jaimee, Communication Action Team

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