The past few weeks you might have noticed a van on top of the oval. That is because classes have being attending Life Ed. If you’re wondering what Life Ed is we’re going to tell you. Life Ed is an opportunity to learn about respect, personal health
and hygiene etc.

Life Education

Different classes did different lessons. We learnt about respect, friendship and cyber safety by watching some videos. One was called a vlog with Bethany; which taught us about how she interacts with her friends and her personal life. We played a few games like good or bad ; If you think the quote is good, you go to the thumbs up side and if you think it’s bad, you go to the side with the thumbs down. We interviewed three students to find out what they thought about the Life Ed visit.

A F5 student said: “I enjoyed the UV lights and the giraffe Harold because they were fun and it was great to experience.”

A F8 student said: “I thought it was very cool it was fun because the staff were nice and friendly. It was good to learn in the end.”

A F7 student said: “I thought it was good because it was fun and you could work in groups and collaborate with others.”

Thank you Life Ed  workers for coming to our school. We really appreciated the learning that you shared with us.

Alexis and Laylah, Communication Action Team

Image result for life ed images of healthy harrold

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