Nude Food

Nude food is all sort of food without wrappers. It is a good way to keep our area clean.

Firstly litter is very bad for the school. If we were all in  loads of rubbish no one would come to the school and we would run out of business.

Secondly litter can effect your health.  When you open plastic bags  micro pieces of plastic  can fall on your  food .

Furthermore litter is extremely bad for the environment because some scientist found a bird and wanted to find out why it died. They opened the bird and found lots of plastic in it.

I strongly believe that nude food is the best idea in the WORLD and everyone should do it to keep our community clean and healthy.

By Beth (Citizenship Action Team) and Mia (Communication Action Team) on behalf of the Environmental Action Team.

2 Comments on “Nude Food

  1. I wish birds were smarter so they won’t die because of rubbish

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