Citizenship Day – Thursday 29th March

On Thursday 29th March we will be celebrating Citizenship Day at Reynella Primary School where we will combine the Harmony Day message of ‘Everyone Belongs’ and National Action Day against Bullying and Violence.

The Citizenship Action Team have worked together to come up with a message to reinforce that we unite as a school to celebrate diversity, acceptance and that everyone belongs at RPS and to advocate our school as a school safe from bullying.

Children are working on a whole school mural that will be displayed in the amphitheatre: ‘Alone we are unique, together we are a masterpiece’.



Citizenship DayThursday 29th March

To raise awareness and celebrate diversity in our school community and to advocate and strengthen understanding of what bullying is and how we can work together to make our school safe from bullying.

  • Wear something orange or cultural dress to celebrate diversity and acceptance of all cultures and belonging.
  • Please note students may have coloured hair if this is arranged before school, not during school hours.
  •  Appropriate dress code applies to this as a whole school event.


  • Whole School Assembly to ‘peg a pledge’- 10.15 am- 10.40 am in the amphitheatre run by Citizenship Action Team
  • Peg – a –pledge wall’ classes all have access to pegs and note paper. Each child and adult/ teacher /community member will have the chance to give their pledge (or simply write their name on a peg) describing the action they will take to keep our school safe from bullying. The pegs will be attached on to the pledge wall in the amphitheatre the flags, by each student with their class and can be added at any time during the day.

Mrs Lyon – Deputy Principal

Student Action Team – Communication

We are the Student Action Team – Communication; Laylah, Sam, Jaimee, Jorja, Alexis, Mia, Josefina, Isabella, Nicole, Naomi and Josh (IT guru). One of the things we do is share our learning and all the great things that happen in our school on our whole school blog. Every three weeks we post new things to share with you. We would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you, Communication Action Team

Growth mindset opinions

I asked some questions to our buddy class to find out about how they were using our Mindsets for Learning and these were the results:

Do you think the growth mindset is important?


Do you use collaboration in your learning?


Are you responsible in your learning?


Do you reflect on your learning


Are you focused in your learning?

do you respect others around you?


Do you like to be challenged in your learning?


Do you like working in groups?



Pre-History In Mr Gillies’ Class


In our HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) lesson this week, we learnt where humans originated from.

Scientists believe that people originated in Africa. The Africans then started spreading out across the world, where it was all land. The reason they left Africa is unknown.

The picture below shows the African’s trails to the other countries as we know today.

After learning about this, we read a historical fiction text. A historical fiction is where emotions and characters may not be real, but it has real facts used in the story.

  The text showed us how people in the stone age had to plan out attacks on large ‘beasts’ (mammoths) very quickly before they travelled away. The people directed the mammoths with a controlled fire to a destination which was usually a cave with no exit, filled with hunter-gatherers.


Opinions from other students:

Madi said “The hunt text was a bit sad because of the way the mammoth got killed.”

Chloe said “It was the right thing to do at the time, otherwise they would have starved and the population would die out.”







Our monarch butterfies in F2 – year 3

Hi we are F2 we are here to talk about Kiarah’s monarch butterflies.  She brought them in when they where just young caterpillars.  She named them Kiarah, Lucas, Deakin and Paige. We all watched them turn into cocoons. On Monday two butterflies came out of their cocoons. Monarch butterflies are orange and black they also have white spots.

On Monday 5th March six people let two butterflies but they didn’t fly away so the six people came inside. After a few minutes one of the butterflies flew away.It took a few minutes for the other one to fly away but it did. At the end of the day the 3rd one came out of the cocoon. We still have one more to hatch. We are still  keeping the 3rd butterfly. The butterfly that we are keeping is very active.

The cocoon that we have is still green.


Student Action Teams

At Reynella Primary School we recognise that developing successful learners, people and citizens is not simply the work of teachers and leaders. Shaping our culture involves the entire community.  This includes listening to the voices of our most important members, the students.

We are excited to be embarking on a new student leadership journey in 2018. It was our aim to create a model that would truly value the voice of our students and allow them to contribute to our school in an authentic and meaningful way. We recently introduced four student action teams. Forty students from year three to seven will be working in teams throughout the year to contribute to four critical components of our school.

Environmental Action Team

Congratulations to Jack, Lucy, Sheridan, Jesse, Paige, Deakin, Saxon, Haylie, Marie, Ethan, Freddy and Natahsa.

Communication Action Team

Congratulations to Mia, Charli, Josefina, Isabella, Alexis, Laylah, Sam, Jorja, Naomi and Jaimee.

STEM Innovation Team

Congratulations to Kevin, Paige, Max, Owen, Lachlan, Elisha, Austin, Matthew, Sev and Pj.

Citizenship Action Team

Congratulations to Beth, Nicole, Isla, Emillie, Mia, Halle, Toby, Tyson, Alyssa and Jamie.

Executive Leadership Team

Year 6/7 students from each student action team will also represent their school on the Executive Leadership Team. These students will report back the work of their respective action teams and participate in our Interschool Student Learning Community (ISLC).

It gave us great pride to see so many students put their hand up for these responsibilities. Congratulations to those selected and we look forward to working with you throughout the year!


Tanya needs volunteers to help her run our gross motor skills program called FunClub!

We need two volunteers (one for Wednesdays and another for Fridays). The session run from 2-3pm in our Hall. If you could spare an hour each week on either of these days, please contact Tanya ASAP 😊

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Shoeboxes of Love

Operation Christmas Child boxes are due this week. If you haven’t done one yet , there’s still time.

The six things to go into the box are:

  • Something to love
  • Something to wear
  • Something for school
  • Something special
  • Something for personal hygiene
  • Something to play with

Please bring your box in before 9am Friday 29 September.

There will be a presentation of the Shoeboxes at Assembly on Friday.

You are welcome to join us for Assembly, it starts at 10:15 am.


Colour Fun Run Route Map

2017 Route-28436dm

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