Welcome to P.E. 2020

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Welcome back to a new year of Physical Education at Reynella PS! Please check the blog regularly for any SAPSASA information and PE updates. I have added a subscribe button to the page, so you can be alerted when there is an updated, rather than just checking without knowing if there is new content. I only need to post a few times a term, so your phone won’t be constantly alerting you to posts (I promise).

Sports Day is fast approaching! It will be held on the Friday of Week 7 ( 13/3), same as last year. There were a few expected hiccups last year with the short time-frame we had to prepare for the new format, however, we are hoping for an amazing experience for all involved this year! Information will be sent out next week.

This term’s focus in PE will be largely centred around athletics and getting ready for Sports Day. This will take us right through until Week 8 of the term. After-which, we probably will conclude the term with some fun invasion games. The Primary students are working on filming and analysing all their athletics work with partners, in the form of peer assessments. These videos will be made into learning movies, which will act as a digital portfolio of all their work over the year. The Year 5, 6 & 7 students will also undertake an athletics assignment, using the same approach to assessing themselves and their peers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me or to reply to the blog at anytime.

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PE Update Term 4

What a first year it has been! It has been great settling into my new site and working with all of your children. I hope I have begun to foster a love of physical activity and helped improve coordination, skills and learning in some capacity.

This Term we concluded out Unit on Basketball and Netball. I had a lot of students ask to do both sports this year so I thought I’d do something different and combine both sports together and teach them at the same time, seeming there are many similarities. We slowly built up the skills required to play both games until we arrived at playing netball and basketball games to finish off the units. I was very impressed with the level of game play displayed by the students. We used netball ‘gameplay’ as an assessment tool and for basketball we focused on the skills required (dribbling and shooting) as our assessment focus.

To finish the year we are looking at puck hockey. Outdoor hockey is great, but unfortunately, has too many safety concerns with wooden sticks. However, I can still teach a lot of the skills and concepts through puck hockey.

I am now in the report writing phase, so this unit concludes our assessment work for the year. If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please feel free to book a time to see me.

PE Update Term 3

We finished our unit on gymnastics late last term. Some of the routines developed and performed by the students were very impressive! The JP students didn’t develop their own routines; instead we focused on develop the fundamentals required to move our bodies in the tricky and coordinated ways that gymnastics requires. We looked at somersaults, cartwheels, mini-tramp jumps to motorbike lands, vault jumps to motorbike lands, balancing beams, skipping, juggling and static and dynamic holds. The students gained a lot out of participating in this unit.

The Primary students have now moved onto AFL and the JP students have moved onto T-Ball. Our focus for the Primary students is to develop the skills and knowledge required to play the game, with a particular emphasis on developing our kicking skills and game-play.

The JP students are focusing on the hitting technique and skills required to play T-ball. We also focused on catching and the technique required to catch the ball if it comes towards you high or low.

Our next Sport/focus to conclude Term 3 will be netball and basketball. This will be taught to all year levels with a focus on all the skills required to play both games.

PE Update – Term 2

We have now completed our first team game unit on European Handball. We filmed 5 minutes of the game during the last lesson for students to analyse their movement patterns, skills, effort and teamwork. I was very impressed with the level of competition and effort shown by the students.

We have now begun our unit on gymnastics. We are focusing on understanding and moving our bodies in different ways. The main focus is sticking our landings, smooth coordinated moves and transitions between moves. Our major assessment for the unit is for students in groups of two or more to plan their own gymnastics routines with a focus on the before-mentioned skills. The students began this planning phase this week.

Reports – The main assessment covered for Primary students has been athletics and soccer for Junior Primary. I do expect that many grades will change from this first semester report by the time of the second semester, as there are many more complex assessments to be addressed in the curriculum. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school.

Bryce Ingham

SAPSASA State Trials Info

School Sport SA | View this email in your browser


A number of events have nominations that have recently closed or are due shortly. Don’t miss out, register now!


Don’t forget to pass onto students details for state team trials.
Check out the summary page of all state teams here, specific selection/trial information is on the sport specific pages.

PE Update Term 1, Week 11

What a busy Term! Sports and and Interchool Athletics have now concluded and now we are straight onto cross-country. I’d like to thank the students and parents for all of your hard work and support for Sports Day and any SAPSASA events you may have participated in.

PE: We have concluded our unit on athletics. We covered a range of aspects of the curriculum. We looked at movement sequences and students reflecting and figuring out how to improve performance. We did this by students viewing video of them attempting an athletics skill and using a self-assessment proforma to see what they are doing well and where they can improve.

Now: We have moved onto Fundamental Movement Skills, by playing a game called Speedball, the rest of the movement skills were largely covered by athletics. We then use this game as a basis for moving into a brilliant game called European Handball. Students will focus on teamwork, working together, developing strategies and sportsmanship as well as developing the specific skills required to play the game.

JP: Junior Primary have been focusing on soccer. The focus is largely around developing kicking, fair play and team skills.

Auskick Coach/es Required for RPS

Reynella Primary School- Auskick Coach Required!

At Reynella PS, we require a new Auskick Coach for Term 2, 2019 for this program to go ahead

The role involves: -Running a 1hr Auskick session once a week (8-10 week program) -Teaching children basic footy skills in the way of fun games -Be a point of contact for Auskick Parents -Planning of the sessions -Equipment Inventory

As a token of our appreciation you will receive: -An Auskick T-Shirt and Hat to wear for the sessions -SANFL League Season Pass -SANFL Grand Final Tickets -Opportunity for Adelaide Oval, AFL Tickets -Auskick Coordinator Information Session -Resources, coaching guides, session plans

This role doesn’t have to be filled by a single person! 1, 2 or even 3 people can take up role as Auskick Coach. Many hands make light work!!

If you interested or require more information, please contact Courtney. Registrations are open, and Term 2 is fast approaching!

Courtney Roberts- SANFL Game Development Coordinator, South Adelaide Metro Zone Phone: 0431515888 Email: Courtney.roberts@sanfl.com.au