PE Update Term 3

Finally, some normality in the PE world!

We’ve been able to resume a more normal approach to PE, which I am sure has been very much enjoyed by the students.

Primary: We began the term by learning Ultimate Frisbee. We were blessed, as we had many weeks with next to no wind and quite sunny conditions, which made learning to the throw much easier. The students absolutely loved the game and I was very impressed with the progress many made with the game and the skills involved.

The second half of the term was a soccer focus. Last year we looked at AFL, and the in-between year is a soccer focus. In general, interest in soccer was quite high. This made for some very competitive, but generally very fair games. We built-up to two games being played simultaneously, which meant students had to learn how to umpire themselves. This was a great learning experience with sportsmanship and problem solving, as we all know how much we disagree with umpiring decisions at times. PE can be a fantastic we to teach resilience, even when in the heat of battle.

JP: Have had a big term focusing on their kicking skills. We began the term with soccer. Students, first need to master kicking a soccer ball, particularly on the run, in order to have the fundamentals to transfer to kicking an AFL football. After spending the first half of the term on soccer, learning the kicking skills and playing the game, I was then confident enough to move to AFL.
By far the big focus for me was all the components needed in order to kick an AFL football, it is by no means an easy skill to master. We played many games focused around developing kicking and handballing skills. When consulting with the students, many felt they were happy with the improvements in their kicking.

Term 4:
Primary and JP: The big focus for the term will be tennis. We have yet to complete a net sport over the two year band. I am currently working with Mikal to have some Hotshots courts created, as we already have the nets and gear.
The JP’s will work on tennis for anywhere up to 5 weeks. However, I expect the primaries to transition to either softball/baseball/t-ball or volleyball by around Week 4. Afterwich, we will finish the year with some fun games.

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Term 2 & 3 Update

Hi All,

Wow, what a term that was, but we survived! Many challenges faced the students in PE this term and I can only say how proud I was of the students handling the different curriculum with understanding and gratitude. For much of the term we had to steer away from many competitive based sports to ensure social distancing was adhered to and also had work that could easily be transferred to home if the need arised.

JP Students: had two projects to work on for the term. The first was a ‘design your own game’ assignment – this required students to work in pairs to design a game using only two or three pieces of equipment. We focused heavily on what skills the students wanted their game to improve, understanding how well their game worked and how to include simple scoring systems and make it a challenge.
Their second project was a ‘design your own dance’ assignment’. This assignment required students to learn about the elements of movement and how to apply these to a beat or tempo. The students then worked in partners to design their own dances to the song ‘what does the fox say’.

Yr 3-4 Students: Had one major project for the term. This project was also a ‘design your own game’ project. Year 3&4 students had no restrictions with the amount of equipment they could use and had strict requirements around the originality, playability, creativity and scoring systems used in the game. I was very impressed with some of the creative games created by the students.

Year 5, 6 & 7 Students: Had to design their own workouts. We looked at PE with Joe and completed some workouts I designed in the lead-up to participating in the assignment. Students were then required to work in partners to design and produce their own workouts. The assignment covered many areas of the curriculum and allowed students of all ability levels to challenge themselves in their own creative ways. The assignment had an added intention to show students that you don’t need much room or equipment to keep yourself active and strong, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Term 3: We can finally resume some competitive sports, yes!!

Primary Students: Will focus on Ultimate Frisbee for the first half of the term. I then hope to move onto tennis and softball for the second half of the term.

JP Students: Will focus on soccer and AFL for the first half of the the term. I then hope to move onto tennis for the second half of the term.

Lastly, we have some Knockout sports resuming during Term 3 and athletics will also go ahead. More information about this will come very soon.

Again, if any queries, please feel free to contact me at the school

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Virtual Cross Country

Hi All,

This week we will run in the Virtual Cross Country. It should be an exciting challenge for all the students. I was thinking of posting a timetable, but the weather is looking a little up and down, so I may have to play the format by ear. Please see the school Facebook page for more information.

I will run each class in their normal PE lessons. I will try to do this in the first PE lesson of the week for each class. However, if the weather turns bad, I may have to hold some classes out until their second lesson. Ms Ashworth will try and do the same. All times are compiled and then sent into School Sport SA for the competition.

Kind regards,

Bryce Ingham

Term 2 Focus

Hi All,

Apologies for the lateness of this post. With all the focus on changing curriculum, my blog has been a little abandoned until now.

This has been an interesting term thus far to say the least. I have approached this term with a very clear approach to help students through this challenging time. Fitness and well-being has been the mantra for this term. We have had discussions around outside of school sports and many recreational activities being closed down and what this means for student activity levels, and more importantly, what we can do to maintain our health, fitness and well-being. One lesson per week has been dedicated to fitness inspired activities, whether it be a PE with Joe workout, a circuit or workout  I have designed, a beep test with the goal in mind or retesting and improving their scores. This has also lead us into a number of creative assignments that can also be recreated at home:

. Upper Primary: Using the modelling from professionals and myself, have then had to design and produce their own workout. Preferably one with minimal equipment and can be done anywhere, much like PE with Joe on Youtube. They must research ideas, practice their workout, create a run sheet and produce a quality video (which will all be included into their assessments).

Lower Primary: Have had to use available equipment to create their own games. Much like how they would have to be creative at home to come up with original games to play with equipment they have available to them around the house. This provides a mentally stimulating way to play games and keep active.

JP: Also have to create their own game, however they have been limited to two or three pieces of equipment. Keeping it simple makes it much easier for younger students to recreate these games at home. JP’s have also had the added assignment of creating their own dance. We looked at things like beat, tempo and the elements of movement, students were then assigned the song ‘What Does the Fox Say’ and in pairs had to create their own dance to the song from what we have learnt. Again, something very easily recreated at home and a very easy form of fitness.

I will be checking the blog regularly now as things have largely returned to normal for me. Sorry for any slow replies earlier this term. Please feel free to comment any questions you may have.

Kind regards,


PE Google Classroom (Yrs 3 – 7)

Hi All,

I have created Google Classrooms for PE. At this stage I am releasing the Yr 3, 4 and Yrs 5, 6 & 7 classrooms. I am still awaiting to see if I will use Google Classroom or a different format for the Year 1 & 2’s. Parents are welcome to begin the program as of next week, however, my curriculum will not take full-shape until the beginning of next term. At this stage I am posting a daily fitness workout for them to follow and assignments will begin as of next term. If any questions, please feel free to ask away. Codes for Google Classroom:

. Yrs 3 & 4: shkjhb4
. Yrs 5,6&7: rbgndp4

Kind regards,


Home Schooling

Hi All,

I am in the process of planning a program for home-schooling. At this stage it looks like all schools will be receiving some time to plan online learning in Week 11. I will hold off sending out my program until then so I can ensure I have enough resources to see through an indefinite time period.
The Idea is to have a daily home workout for the kids that everyone can join (even parents), I will also have a daily or weekly skills challenge. There may also be two assignments posted that students can elect to do, they will be optional assignments; ultimately, the idea is to make the assignments fun and something they want to do.
I will post all content to this PE Blog as of Week 11, so please check-it daily as of that time.

If you have any questions or queries, please reply to this post and I will happily answer.

Kind regards,


High Jump and SAPSASA 800m Timetable

Hi All,

Note: These two events are nomination only. This only applies if your child nominated to do one or both of these events.

800m: We are moving the SAPSASA 800m (U10, U11, U12 and U13 only) competition to the day before Sports Day (Thursday 12th March). Their scores would not be able to contribute to their house’s score if we ran them on Friday, as they would be running after we gave out the trophy. To ensure their scores contribute to their house, we will run the SAPSASA 800m after lunch (1.35pm) on Thursday 12th March. U8 & U9 will still be run on Sports Day.

High Jump: High Jump is run the day before like last year. At this stage we still can’t find the space to add it into the actual day (hopefully this will change one year). If you have time on Thursday 12th of March to come and watch your child’s high jump, the timetable is as follows:

U8s Girls & Boys 2012 – 9am
U9s Girls & Boys 2011 – 9.30am
U10s Girls & Boys 2010 – 10am
U11s Girls & Boys 2009 – 10.30am
U12s Girls & Boys 2008 – 11.40am
U13s Girls & Boys 2007 – 12.10pm

Kind Regards,

PE Committee


Welcome to P.E. 2020

Hi All,

Welcome back to a new year of Physical Education at Reynella PS! Please check the blog regularly for any SAPSASA information and PE updates. I have added a subscribe button to the page, so you can be alerted when there is an updated, rather than just checking without knowing if there is new content. I only need to post a few times a term, so your phone won’t be constantly alerting you to posts (I promise).

Sports Day is fast approaching! It will be held on the Friday of Week 7 ( 13/3), same as last year. There were a few expected hiccups last year with the short time-frame we had to prepare for the new format, however, we are hoping for an amazing experience for all involved this year! Information will be sent out next week.

This term’s focus in PE will be largely centred around athletics and getting ready for Sports Day. This will take us right through until Week 8 of the term. After-which, we probably will conclude the term with some fun invasion games. The Primary students are working on filming and analysing all their athletics work with partners, in the form of peer assessments. These videos will be made into learning movies, which will act as a digital portfolio of all their work over the year. The Year 5, 6 & 7 students will also undertake an athletics assignment, using the same approach to assessing themselves and their peers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me or to reply to the blog at anytime.

Kind regards,


PE Update Term 4

What a first year it has been! It has been great settling into my new site and working with all of your children. I hope I have begun to foster a love of physical activity and helped improve coordination, skills and learning in some capacity.

This Term we concluded out Unit on Basketball and Netball. I had a lot of students ask to do both sports this year so I thought I’d do something different and combine both sports together and teach them at the same time, seeming there are many similarities. We slowly built up the skills required to play both games until we arrived at playing netball and basketball games to finish off the units. I was very impressed with the level of game play displayed by the students. We used netball ‘gameplay’ as an assessment tool and for basketball we focused on the skills required (dribbling and shooting) as our assessment focus.

To finish the year we are looking at puck hockey. Outdoor hockey is great, but unfortunately, has too many safety concerns with wooden sticks. However, I can still teach a lot of the skills and concepts through puck hockey.

I am now in the report writing phase, so this unit concludes our assessment work for the year. If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please feel free to book a time to see me.